Products List & Description

3/5-lead ECG,, Sp02, NIBP, TEMP, Resp, PR; Touchscreen, VGA/HDMI, Li-ion battery 15.6" TFT LCD Touch screen, wide and flat design, high resolution 1366 * 768
12-Lead ECG, IBP, C.O., EtC02, Multi-gas, BIS, NMT; Thermal Recorder, Wired/Wireless CMS Long alarm light at both front and back side
Product dimension(WxHxD): 398mm x 302mm x 183mm
10 waveform display,up to 12-lead ECG analysis
Pacemaker detection
ST 8i arrhythmia analysis
Powerful calculation(Hemodynamic, Dose, Oxygenation, Ventilation, MEWS. Renal function)
Multi-selectable user screen options
Sp02 support PVI and PI, low perfusion 0.2%
Built-in rechargeable battery
BIS module, NMT module optional
Wired/Wireless CMS, support HL7
Sp02 pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)
VGA/HDMI support external display
Graphical 8i tabular trend review( 120 hours)
Full disclosure waveforms review and storage
Utilizing the most advanced LED technology available Illuminance 160000/140000Lux.
The MT-medical LED70 series of operating theatre lights have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs Color temperature 3500K-5500K (± 500)
The new, slim, fully enclosed head with colour touchscreen digital controls is a perfect LED lighting solution complementing all surgical room Ultraviolet light irradiance within 40 nm wave 0.002W/M2
LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been around for a long time. Recently this technology has become leading-edge in the field of lighting – a breakthrough technological solution to the inherent problems of the incandescent light bulb Light focus adjustment system manual or electric or auto focus (Optional)
We have taken the technology and developed it further to provide high definition lighting solutions with no infrared, low environmental impact, high brightness, low power consumption, no toxic chemicals and a long operating life Light adjusting mode continuous adjusting light , no grade dimmer system
Streamlined, ultra-thin, enclosed head with reduced air resistance to minimise contamination 50% Spot Diameter (D50) 280 mm / 230 mm
50% Spot Diameter (D50) 150mm/120mm
Temperature at surgeon’s head ≤ 2°C
CRI RA 95 R9 :90 R13 :92
Input Power 85W / 65W
Adjusting range of Illumination % 25~100
Input power 220W
Power of bulb (W) 1W * 60N / 1W *45N
Bulb average life 50000h

Operation Lamp - Specifications

Light Source Type LED
Number Of Domes 3, 4, 5
Positioning Ceiling Mounted, Wall-Mounted
Colour Specification Single Colour
Parabolic Reflector 180 mm
Color Temperature 4200 K +/- 300
Control Unit Transformer


  • This Operation Reflector Lamp offers the illumination as compared to other standard models.
  • Halogen Lights suitable for Major as well as Minor Surgery, fully spring balanced cool lights.
  • Sterilizable handle has been provided in the middle of the dome for adjust the focus.
  • A Shadowless light is suitable for all sizes of Operation Theater as it gives maximum light output with minimum heat dissipation.
  • Parabolic reflectors & color correcting filters.